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Outsourcing and merchandising for inventory

Outsourcing — is company management strategy at which there is a transfer of non profile functions to company contractor which specializes professionally in the necessary area.

Practice of outsourcing will allow you:

  • to lower costs of the solution of non profile tasks;
  • to optimize distribution of own resources;
  • to get access to technologies and decisions of the competent outsourcer company;
  • to increase the level of control and to remove excess loading from the management of departments.

Services of outsourcing of business processes include:

  • audit of the existing technology of merchandising of the customer;
  • optimization and formalization of business processes;
  • drawing up internal regulations and duty regulations;
  • training of the personnel of the customer according to the developed decisions;
  • the detailed recommendations about optimization to the management of the company.

Services of outsourcing of logistics are presented by two directions:

Decisions for warehouse logistics:

  • increase of efficiency in chains of deliveries (optimization existing and development new);
  • coordination of process of goods' delivery (organization of optimum transport routes and quality of unloading);
  • development of decisions on management of goods stocks;
  • audit of warehouse processes;
  • control of the remains.


  • organization of shelves space (development of a plan);
  • remarking and revaluation of goods;
  • collecting goods for movement.

Services of outsourcing personnel:

We provide the prepared, qualified and disciplined personnel:

  • counter-merchandiser;
  • controller-auditor;
  • manager of groups of inventory (organization, control, data processing).