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The 4th professional conference «Technologies of safety in retail trade»

November 2015
This year conference will take place in a format of master classes in system of reports – «question-answer», on each of which during half hours actual cases, problems and decisions will be considered in a section of safety and prevention of losses in trade branch.

Themes of master classes: 
  • Monitoring of workers' bad intentions. Reality or fantasy?
  • Equipment vs. person. What decisions can help to save time and increase profit?
  • Control of freights in a chain of deliveries. Whether is there a panacea? 
  • Analysis of losses. To look - doesn't mean to see.
  • Actual cases on prevention of losses. Whether is it necessary to reinvent the wheel?
Experts and representatives of producers, integrators of technical means, experts in analytics, auditors, CEOs and owners of business are invited to participation.

The FORMULA CONTROL company once again will take part as partner of session with the report «High-quality control of goods in storage places. Development and deployment of professional inventories».

Welcome, it's going to be interesting!

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