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Question:Do your company works with the VAT or with the simplified system of the taxation?

We work with the VAT.

Question: What additional opportunities can you offer?

We offer discounts to constant Partners on repeated inventory of unplanned object (you can specify the discount size in projects department), and also we give opportunity to free trial inventory (you can specify conditions of this offer in projects department).

Question: The geography of an arrangement of our objects doesn't coincide with the cities specified on the site. Is it possible to carry out inventories in other regions?

Yes, our company has a vast experience of carrying out regional works and we always ready to new projects.

Question: What types of goods do you work with?

We carry out inventories in all segments of goods except drugs and the weapon.

Question: Which advantages does your company have before competitors?

The main advantages are experience, professionalism and guarantees (broad responsibility under the contract, unique own software, a liability before the Partner).

Question: What pluses does your company have of use as the outsourcer for carrying out inventory?
  • The minimum staff of control and auditing department (4-5 employees for a company with 70-250 shops at the X periods of inventories);
  • Compensation of the quarter VAT on service;
  • Actual data at the level of 99% of accuracy (an assessment the article to the article);
  • Time/period of carrying out inventory is convenient for the client;
  • Inventory on several objects is possible at the same time.